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Where passion and talent meet to bring you the best people.




At Dental Placement Pros, we are committed to finding you the perfect placement 

time and time again whether that is an associate, dental assistant, dental hygienist, 

or dental front office.  All of the people who work with Dental Professional Pros

have personally experienced the stress and frustration of needing high quality team

members but not having the time or resources to put in a strong effort to find such


As an aspiring high schooler, I was determined to find a career that would allow me to wear scrubs since I thought they were the cutest work attire.  Little did I know that this fashion filled dream would connect me to a world that I am passionate about.

Starting my career as a dental assistant and then working as a front office, office manager, educator at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ's College of Dental Medicine, then starting and owning several dental practices, and then doing consulting, I have seen a myriad of needs from all different practice types.  I realized there is a need to find great people, at a great price, to help you go from where you are today to to where you know you can go.  This is where the idea for Dental Placement Pros was born.  

Personally knowing 500 Midwestern University Dental School graduates, I also wanted to help them find jobs and careers within offices that would allow them to reach their highest potential. Dental Placement Pros is the prime location to bring talent, personality, and professionalism of graduate students to the offices of high caliber and exceptional dentistry while offering mentorship along the way.  At Dental Placement Pros, we view each applicant and each office as one of our own.  We want to have the best hires time and time again. And as a promise of that commitment, we offer a money back guarantee on every single hire we place.  This allows you peace of mind using our services and allows you to get the help you need.

Our philosophy is to bring the best of the best together in a way that is financially affordable and very effective.  We are committed to giving you the service we each expect within our own practices.  We are thrilled for the opportunity to take you from where you are today and connect you with the future that holds all of your dreams, passions, and desires.  We are confident we will be your Dental Placement Pros!


Kiera Dent 

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